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Obama’s Chicago

Chicago claims the United State’s 44th president as its own.

Though not born here, Chicago became Barack Obama’s home as he began his career in law and politics and started his family.

Southside Hyde Park is “Obama Territory”. This is where he courted and married Michelle, made his home, was a community activist and on the faculty at the University of Chicago Law School.


Get a feeling for the real person by seeing:

  • The location of their Wedding Reception
  • The present home of the Obama family
  • The University of Chicago Law School
  • The Basketball courts in Jackson Park
  • His Barber Shop and other sites

Downtown Chicago holds many special places as well.

These include the law firm where he met his future wife in 1989 and follows his journey to the triumphant acceptance speech in Grant Park on November 4, 2008.

Some of the urban sites include:

  • The law office building where he met Michelle
  • His pre-election headquarters
  • The plaza where he gave his anti-war speech against the Iraq War in 2002
  • His health club
  • Her favorite dress salon
  • The location of his triumphant acceptance speech

Lunch will be at Obama’s favorite coffee shop

Barack Obama’s remarkable story comes alive through the commentary and experiences of the day.